Great adventure in the Arabian Desert

Great adventure in the Arabian Desert

Adventure in the Arabian Desert is an amazing and incredible experience for adventurous peoples. Above all, it provides excellent travel experiences in some stunning contrast destinations.

Sky Diving

The world’s tallest building, luxury hotels and sand islands built in the Dubai. Human-made skyline is known for amazing images. The best way to experience 21st-century revolutions is jumping out of a Cessna and dropping them at slow speeds. Similarly, Jumpers took off from Marina Dubai and broke to an instructor, fall of the plane above the Palm Jumeirah free-fall adrenaline blast. It’s time to relax and focus on extensive views when waterfall opens that expand you descend built, Palm Drop Zone.

Climbing and Hiking

Outstanding hiking and climbing wait around the Arabian Desert mountains Arctic neighbour. However, climbing activity in the UAE has been progressively growing, with new routes discovered and present ones developed by a small band of climbers and adventure operators. The towering sandstone cliffs offer challenges from 3,000 foot up the higher peaks, such as Jebel Misht. You can try deep water soloing and cliff climbing above the sea. Non-climbers challenges are hiking routes in the Arctic emirate.

Sea Kayaking

Arabian point coast has excellent sea kayaking grounds that include wetland area that look strange with the typical desert environment. On the east beach is Khor Kalba, a protected 1,500-hectare area of forest that attracts outstanding native environment. White collared kingfishers and Socotra cormorants, both rare species, make their home here. Paddlers can enjoy half a day sliding around calm waters to spot the different bird life. On the east coast, adventurous kayakers can spend two days to a  week travelling around the Musandam from Dibba.

Camping in Desert

In the Arabian Desert, camping experience between the dunes is no doubt amazing experiences that you should never miss if you are in Desert Safari Dubai. Spend the night in the desert and enjoy the warm fire, look at the stars in the sky and enjoying the environment in the middle of the sandy area.

It is a beautiful memory to share with your family and friends back home. The desert can be a harsh environment for camping. Visitors and tourists from other locations may be put off at first by the extreme temperatures and unusual creatures. Desert safari Dubai provides morning desert safari deals that include dune bashing, sand boarding, camel riding and quad biking.

Mountain Biking

Mountain bikers think that Arabain deserts are soft dunes and just need to wise up. The Hajar Mountains are running east of Dubai through Ras al-Khaimah emirate; there is a warren of big time trails to tackle. A hardcore organisation of mountain bikers has helped to discover and maintain 70 kilometres of wild paths through rough land joining narrow trails. With sharp climbs and rocky ground, tracks are steep and not suitable for beginners. Mountain biking is the part of morning desert safari deals, for this reason, people like morning desert safari.

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