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The Breathtaking views at Dubai

Dubai Tour

Dubai State has transformed itself into an attractive destination for the tourists. This City has jumped from the desert in the form of hundreds of surprising skyscrapers. We have found the iconic tallest buildings, Historical places, Theme parks, biggest malls, the beautiful mosques, desert safari, musical fountain, and the beaches which attract the visitors, tourist to come over here and make their chance a memorable. Some breathtaking views in Dubai during your Dubai Tour are iconic buildings and most attractive place for visitors.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the tallest and most famous building in the world. It also claims to the title of tallest freestanding structure in the world, and one of the beautiful man made structure of the world. There are two observation decks from where tourist can access breathtaking and bird’s eye view from the top floor of the Burj Khalifa.

Dubai Fountain

Dubai fountain features the world’s largest dancing fountain. It shoots water jets as high as 500 ft. The Dubai fountain performs daily. It presents different musical shows includes Shik Shak Shok, Sama Dubai, and forth so. The beam of light shining upward from Dubai can be seen from over 20 miles away. The best thing of the fountain is the shimmering lights which make the whole area glow at the night time, and this is also a big, breathtaking view.

40 Kong

40Kong is a high cocktail restaurant in Dubai. This lounge located on One Sheikh Zayed Road, at The H Hotel, 40th floor. It is also a soft spot of 202 nationalities. It is a great addition to fun at late night. The 40 Kong gives an excellent opportunity to visitors to have a good time and enjoy the sound and international meals under the stars.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

The world’s most luxurious hotel and tourist destination situated on its island and offer you the beautiful experience and services. It is the most photographed structure including the reception desk, private butler, beaches, winning restaurants. It provides water sports activities, the shuttle, and hospitality services.

Mercury Lounge

Mercury Lounge is a rooftop bar and can enjoy the skyline views of famous and tallest building in the world like Burj Khalifa, and the Arabian Gulf. It offers an atmosphere in which you can enjoy the dinner and dance at night. The Mercury Lounge also gives the opportunity to have a special brunch with friends and family at the evening time. It will make your night time most memorable.

Desert Safari

The Dubai’s most breathtaking place, where you can enjoy the beauty of golden sand and take rides to make your time memorable. Dubai Desert Safari is one of the greatest attractive destinations which attract the tourists around the world. It offers morning, evening, Hatta Oman with activities for fun like sand boarding, camel ride, dune bashing, quad biking and sand skiing.

Dubai Evening Safari is the best safari in Dubai. The tourists can enjoy all the adventures of Desert Safari by taking rides. Spend a night time under the stars while enjoying the camps, traditional dances, delicious BBQ dinner. Best thing in Dubai Evening Safari is the scene of sun set with vast area of sand.

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